Umfjöllun Grapevine / Grapevine review

Finding Meaning In Found Photos

'Given (it will come to light)', by Nina Zurier

June 9 – December 20 I Gallery Sign, Dugguvogur 3 I Admission: Free!

The photographs of Nina Zurier are provocative in the way the play with light and space, and this unique style is on display at the artist's exhibition in Reykjavík. She also takes advantage of “found“ photographs: pictures she borrows from materials such as a Swedish book on interior design, manipulating them in ways that shift and enhance the viewer's' perspective. This exhibition was on during the summer solstice in Iceland, when there were nearly 24 hours of daylight, which Nina says was a “happy coincidence,“ but her photographs will continue providing glimpses of light long into the darkness of the Icelandic winter. GR